Rating: 2 out of 5.

Thank you to Netgalley and Tor publishing for providing an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.


Ropa Moyo’s ghostalking practice has tanked, desperate for money to pay bills and look after her family she reluctantly accepts a job to look into the history of a coma patient receiving treatment at the magical private hospital Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments. The patient is a teenage schoolboy called Max Wu, and healers at the hospital are baffled by the illness which has confounded medicine and magic.

Ropa’s investigation leads her to the Edinburgh Ordinary School for Boys, one of only the four registered schools for magic in the whole of Scotland (the oldest and only one that remains closed to female students).

But the headmaster there is hiding something and as more students succumb Ropa learns that a long-dormant and malevolent entity has once again taken hold in this world.

She sets off to track the current host for this spirit and try to stop it before other lives are endangered. 

I had the same problem with Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments that I did with The Library of the Dead. I seriously could not focus on this book. I think I’ve targetted the reason though — the voice the book is written is extremely…vulgar? I guess? It’s not quite the right word, but I’m not sure how else to put it. These two books are written in Ropa’s voice, and she’s fifteen in a post-apocalyptic style Scotland. It’s written with Scottish slang, and well, it’s hard to follow.

The world within the Edinburgh Nights series is still fascinating, but I do wish there had been slightly more revealed in this book. The world — and not just Scotland — seems to have gone through something catastrophic. However, we are given absolutely no hints as to what might have happened. I wish there had been even a tiny clue. Was it climate-related? Was there a war? Why doesn’t Ropa talk about it or even think about it more?

The plot of this book was hard to follow — something with banks and an owed inheritance and there’s ghosts too? It was all rapped up in the monarchy as well, and I just could not follow it at all. I’m sad to say that I enjoyed this book very little. While I enjoyed some of the characters, most of this book was gibberish to me. I think I’ll be skipping the rest of this series.

OUR LADY OF MYSTERIOUS AILMENTS will be released april 4, 2022.

Preorder at your local indie bookstore, or at the following links:




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