Hi. I’m Jordyn, 32, a new mom, and an avid, avid reader. In the past 5 years, I’ve read 374 books. Up until this point, all my reviews have been on Goodreads only, but as I move forward with absolutely devouring books, I thought I’d share my thoughts on a space that’s more mine! So hello, and welcome to my thoughts about books.

Some things you need to know, going forward: I read really fast. My love of fantasy and magic comes from reading the Harry Potter series approximately a million times when I was younger. (Seriously, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read that series.) Anyway — I read pretty much exclusively on my kindle. I do LOVE real paper books, but my kindle is a million times easier to read on. I carry hundreds of books with me a day this way, versus one heavy hardback! Because of the exclusive-kindle-reading, you won’t be seeing any fancy pictures of books all done up for Instagram-worthy shots on my blog. I mean, I could take pictures of my kindle, but I figure that’d get boring pretty quick.

5 stars – Perfect in terms of enjoyment.
4 stars – Great, but there were one or two things I didn’t like.
3 stars – Okay, but there was a LOT bothering me.
2 stars – Bleh, too much wrong, but I enjoyed at least a little
1 star – Horrible, nothing redeeming at all

It really does take a LOT for me to 1. rate lower than four stars, and 2. not finish a book. I’m easily entertained, and pretty forgiving once I finish a book. However, if I get at least 20% of the way into a book and I’m not feeling it? I’m going to DNF it. (What’s DNF mean, I hear you ask. It means Do Not Finish.) Life’s too short to read a book I’m not enjoying – something more people should be willing to ascribe to.

My reviews are usually quite concise, and sometimes mostly just me shouting about how much I enjoyed it. I’m going to try to be a little more verbose going forward, though! I am ALWAYS open to book suggestions, and would love to hear what you guys think on the books I’m reading or reviewing.  Use my contact form if you have something you’d like to suggest to me!

Let’s go!

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