Due to my complete inability to more than like…1 book a month for the past couple months, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a monthly wrap up. SO I thought I’d show you guys what’s been sitting in my shelf for the past couple months. (I am in horror that I have TWELVE books I absolutely need to read ASAP.) I plan to read all of these, hopefully soon. I’ve done these in order of publication!

So Blood of the Chosen, The Bladed Faith, and Pride and Puppies have already been released. The rest are coming out within the first half of next year! Have you read any of these? Which order should I read these in? I’m very excited for quite a few of these, I just need to get to them!



  1. The Bladed Faith was quite good, and it’s sequel comes out next month. So, maybe start with that one? I’m loving In the Lives of Puppets so far as well. It’s a great option as well.

    Also, don’t feel bad… this isn’t that many unread ARCs. I typically have 20 or more on my NetGalley shelf at a time, which is why I’m always stressed. 😆

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