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the book cover for Half A Soul by Olivia Atwater
  • STAR RATING:  3.5 stars
    PAGE LENGTH: 434 pages
  • DATE PUBLISHED:  April 30th 2022
  • PUBLISHER: Kindle Unlimited
    WHAT SERIES?  The Wolfverse series
  • WHAT BOOK DO I START WITH? A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
  • CONTENT WARNINGS: Sexual content, possibly emotional abuse
  • IF YOU LIKED THIS, TRY:  Just check out my werewolves tag.


Growing up I had nothing but my good grades and them. The Vanguard brothers are the golden boys of our school, destined to be the alphas of our pack. They’re possessive, scaring away everyone else who might get close to me… until the night of their first shift.

I’m been told over and over I can never be their mate, but the boy’s wolves have other ideas….So, I’m whisked away, told to forget them and I do, right up until they walk in through my door, telling me all the things I’d secretly dreamed of.

That I’m their fated mate, and that they refuse to settle for anyone else. But I’m forced to push them away.


Because their parents were right to send me away. I’ll never be what they need me to be, but these guys? Back then they never knew how to take no for an answer, and now they’re coming for me, whether I’m ready or not. 

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing was a different take on the werewolf romance genre than what I’m used to. In this particular verse, only alphas and omegas have wolf forms — betas are simply the neutral ground, regular ol’ plain humans, basically. Our main character, Riley, grows up being told over and over again that she’s a beta, that she’s not for her group of alpha friends. She’s grown up in a pack — her father was an enforcer for — but she’s not a wolf. The parents of her alpha friends drill into her over and over that she is not for them. It is awful emotional abuse, and one that the author handles well. In the end, Riley turns into an omega, and that was exceptionally cool.

I felt bad for Riley throughout the whole book, but wow does she fight the whole situation that she’s thrust into. She fights it hard, and after say…the third time she’s struggling with it, it got old. She does eventually give in obviously, but it took way, way too long in my opinion. Another problem I had with Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing was that only…three of the five alphas really have a personality. Colt, Haze, and Blake all have distinct things going for them, but the other two — Ryan and Fen are just sort of…there. I really would have loved more from them, but it’s just not present in the book.

The sex scenes were hot, but you really don’t get the typical werewolf stuff until the very, and I mean very end of the book. I missed that in the earlier portions of the book, but what are you gonna do, I guess.

Overall, a decent entry into the werewolf romance genre, but definitely not hitting all my werewolf buttons.

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