Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl. The topic this week is a BOOKS WITH GEOGRAPHICAL TERMS IN THE TITLE. This one was slightly more difficult than I thought it would be! However, I managed to find at least ten for this week! I had a couple of others picked out but thought they were only VAGUELY related to the theme, so I left them off.

So we have: Sea, City, Garden, Sea, City, Woods, Town, Beach, Mount, and yet another Sea! What geographical terms did you use this week?


Helllooo my darlings, it’s Monday! I don’t have much to report other than this — Will is not sleeping well again. He’s sleeping through the night, but he’ll wake up at 4:30 am and not want to go back to sleep. No one in the Birdie’s Book Nook house slept well this weekend. Didn’t do much. Went to the playground, did some errands, bought the kiddo new shoes (his feet have grown up almost two sizes from May to now!!!) and a cute little cow plushie that he fell in love with at the pharmacy. He’s been carrying the cow around all weekend and giving her kisses while he plays. It’s adorable.

I sincerely hope that you are more well-rested than we are! Have a great Monday, and here’s to a great week ahead!

I asked for an ARC of this week’s TBR book, but never heard back from the publisher. The request is now sitting in limbo, basically, as the book comes out tomorrow! I really loved The Ex Hex when I read it last year, and this one uses that book as a comp. It sounds fun, and delightfully witchy!


the book cover for Small Town, Big Magic by Hazel Beck

For fans of THE EX HEX and PAYBACK’S A WITCH, a fun, witchy rom-com in which a bookstore owner who is fighting to revitalize a small midwestern town clashes with her rival, the mayor, and uncovers not only a clandestine group that wields a dark magic to control the idyllic river hamlet, but hidden powers she never knew she possessed.

Witches aren’t real. Right?

No one has civic pride quite like Emerson Wilde. As a local indie bookstore owner and youngest-ever Chamber of Commerce president, she’d do anything for her hometown of St. Cyprian, Missouri. After all, Midwest is best! She may be descended from a witch who was hanged in 1692 during the Salem Witch Trials, but there’s no sorcery in doing your best for the town you love.

Or is there?

As she preps Main Street for an annual festival, Emerson notices strange things happening around St. Cyprian. Strange things that culminate in a showdown with her lifelong arch-rival, Mayor Skip Simon. He seems to have sent impossible, paranormal creatures after her. Creatures that Emerson dispatches with ease, though she has no idea how she’s done it. Is Skip Simon…a witch? Is Emerson?

It turns out witches are real, and Emerson is one of them. She failed a coming-of-age test at age eighteen—the only test she’s ever failed!—and now, as an adult, her powers have come roaring back.

But she has little time to explore those powers, or her blossoming relationship with her childhood friend, cranky-yet-gorgeous local farmer Jacob North: an ancient evil has awakened in St. Cyprian, and it’s up to Emerson and her friends—maybe even Emerson herself—to save everything she loves.

Like a king.

Here’s hoping you and yours have a great week!


Hi everyone! I hope you had a good holiday — if you celebrate / happen to be American / happen to have July 4th off. I wouldn’t say we celebrated — we were just outside all day to my toddler’s extreme happiness. Now that we’re all exhausted from being in the sun, well, here’s my Top Ten Tuesday post!

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is MOST ANTICIPATED BOOKS COMING OUT IN THE SECOND HALF OF 2022. That’s a mouthful of a topic this week, but one that’s rather easy to fill out, honestly.

Most of these I haven’t read yet, but the first three I have! My review for The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy will be out later this week, so keep an eye out for it. I absolutely adored that book. I’m stupidly excited for The Lost Metal — it’s a Sanderson book set on my favorite world of his! And don’t even get me started on A Dowry of Blood. I’m desperately hoping for an ARC of it, still, but who knows. I probably won’t get one. The rest of these books, well… I’M JUST REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THESE, OKAY? Do we share any of the same books? Let me know!