My brain is basically dead this morning, so thinking of 10 books for Top Ten Tuesday just isn’t going to fly. Since I was tagged by the absolutely lovely Becky in her brand new tag, the Bookish Smash or Pass book tag, I thought I’d give it a go! LET’S GET GOING!

Bookish Tropes

I am definitely a smash for these — I love a good trope as long as it’s done right. I also really love subverting tropes, or taking a trope and turning it on it’s head. I love being surprised by a trope!

Alternating POV

Mostly a smash? I think single POV can be done very well by the right author.

Ambigious Endings

PASS. Not a huge fan of Ambiguous endings, I will say. I like things to have finality, a feeling that the story has wrapped up in a way that both makes sense, and is satisfying. Mistborn era 1 has the best ending of a series ever.



Historical Setting

Definite smash. I love anything set in the Victorian era for stuff with mysteries, and I love a Regency romance. As for fantasy, anything that feels historical is also something I tend to enjoy.

Morally Grey characters

Hm. If done right, I’m into it, but a lot of the time authors just write ‘morally grey’ characters that are in actuality, total jerks. I think I’ll pass.

First Person POV

Middling between smash and pass, is that an option? Sometimes it’s okay — romance books, but most of the time it’s not something I particularly enjoy — YA Books. It can definitely make a book feel more childish to me.


Pass. I read faster than I can listen to someone read to me.


Oh absolute smash. I love, love, love rereading books. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reread HP3 or Sabriel, or His Dark Materials, or…god. Any of my favorite books, really.

Classic novels

DEFINITE PASS. The only experience I have with them is when I was in school, so I have no interest in reading them ever again. They’re written in complicated ways, and a lot of the time the story is something I don’t really have interest in, either.


Pass — for one I read on my Kindle, and two I don’t want anyone writing in my books.

Cracking Book Spines

Smash. It’s a book. Meant to be enjoyed fully. What I don’t like is when people fold all the pages over and make it so the book will never lay flat again. My mom is guilty of this in all her paperbacks. Drives me insane.


Oh definite smash. I get disappointed if a romance fades to black, honestly.

Character Driven Books

Smash! I love character driven stuff.

Past/Present Split Timeline

Smash…ish? This can make or break a book for me, honestly. Anything with time travel — a favorite trope — needs this to work. But it can be done in really confusing ways, or in a easy to follow way. The Kingdoms by Natasha Pulley did this, and all it did was confuse the hell out of me. I had such high hopes for that one, too.

Heavy World Building

Smash, as long as you see it through the character’s eyes as they move through the world, and not through straight info dump at the beginning of the novel.

So there it is, the Bookish Smash or Pass book tag! What do you think? I’m tagging a few of you:



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