Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been a little absent, I’m basically dead in the water when it comes to reading right now. This is the worst slump I’ve had in a while — I find myself actively avoiding reading, and that’s sort of boiling over into not wanting to blog much either. I think I’ve burnt myself out by reading too much too quickly. I’m still SLOWLY getting through a romance book in order to sort of reset my system, but I don’t have high hopes. This stinks, friends.

I’m about 30% of the way through The Worst Guy, and I’m having fun with it, even if I only read a couple of chapters right before bed. I really loved the last Kate Canterbary book I read so I’m hoping this one lives up to it. I finished The Bone Houses last week, and really, really loved it. You can check out my full review here. Next, I think I’ll give a fantasy a try to see if that maybe helps? Who knows at this point. Anyone got any tips for breaking a slump?


14 thoughts on “WWW WEDNESDAY – NOVEMBER 2

  1. The Worst Guy is one of my favorite Canterbary books. You’re going to love it.
    When I get into slumps, I switch genres. Usually it’s from romance to thrillers or dark romances. That’s what works for me.

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  2. The Worst Guy is probably my favourite Canterbary book. Sebastian Stremmel is just *chefs kiss* and I love him so much 😍 I hope that you continue enjoying the book despite being in a slumpy mood! 😔 I usually change genres, or format (I usually read ebooks so I pick up a physical book), or I step away from books completely. Reading a graphic novel often helps me too. I hope you manage to shake it, Jordyn!


  3. Sorry about your reading slump! Can’t say I’ve ever been in a long one, but when I find myself unmotivated by whatever selection I have at hand (whether ARC or otherwise), I think about a book that I’ve been wanting to read for a long time and go from there. I suppose you could call it a “mood read,” but it could also be something that you want to read so you don’t have to dodge its spoilers anymore. Or, do a 180 and pick a book from a genre you don’t read a ton of–are there any nonfiction books to put you in a different headspace, for example?

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