Hi everyone! I’m so sorry I was MIA on Thursday and Friday last week! My husband oh-so-generously shared his cold and I was down for the count. My asthma started flaring up on Sunday, too, so generally I just feel like crap! Hopefully, things will get better as the week goes on, but it is my bad season for breathing, so we’ll see. This weekend was just sort of a clusterf*ck of absolutely everything. I didn’t feel good, Will just wanted to party and play and do everything outside! Saturday, we took him to the park and he had a blast. But it rained allllll Sunday, so we were stuck inside. He has so much energy these days. 😵 Anyway, dears, I hope you all are feeling much better than I am today!

A note — I will be taking a break from my blog starting October 5, and ending on October 12. We’re travelling and I won’t have any time to check the blog or blog hop while we’re away. I do have a few posts scheduled already, but for the most part, I won’t be here!

Today, I’m spotlighting a novella I’m desperately waiting for. I adore all of Margaret Rogerson’s books, and the fact that she’s dipping her toes back into the world of Sorcery of Thorns makes me endlessly excited.


In this sequel novella to Sorcery of Thorns, Elisabeth, Nathaniel, and Silas must unravel the magical trap keeping them inside Thorn Manor in time for their Midwinter Ball!

Elisabeth Scrivener is finally settling into her new life with sorcerer Nathaniel Thorn. Now that their demon companion Silas has returned, so has scrutiny from nosy reporters hungry for gossip about the city’s most powerful sorcerer and the librarian who stole his heart. But something strange is afoot at Thorn Manor: the estate’s wards, which are meant to keep their home safe, are acting up and forcibly trapping the Manor’s occupants inside. Surely it must be a coincidence that this happened just as Nathaniel and Elisabeth started getting closer to one another…

With no access to the outside world, Elisabeth, Nathaniel, and Silas – along with their new maid Mercy – will have to work together to discover the source of the magic behind the malfunctioning wards before they’re due to host the city’s Midwinter Ball. Not an easy task when the house is filled with unexpected secrets, and all Elisabeth can think about is kissing Nathaniel in peace. But when it becomes clear that the house, influenced by the magic of Nathaniel’s ancestors, requires a price for its obedience, Elisabeth and Nathaniel will have to lean on their connection like never before to set things right. 

I hope you have a fantastic week, friends!


18 thoughts on “MONDAY MORNING – SEPTEMBER 26

  1. Oh, I hope you got to recuperate at least a little bit. I’m dragging a cold along as well, mostly because my boyfriend and I just keep swapping it somehow. 😀
    I have not read Sorcery of Thorns but I really want to read it and the novella sounds lovely too. 🙂

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  2. Feel better soon and have a great time traveling!

    Last I had checked there wasn’t a release date on the novella, so I’m super excited that we’ve got some updates about it. I LOVED Sorcery of Thorns when I read it a couple months ago and am looking forward to this novella as well! 🙂

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  3. Get better soon! It’s hard to be sick and take care of a young one. My daughter is over the flu, but now my son has gotten sick, again! I just don’t know with what since he is negative for flu, strep and covid. I’m over this cold season…it’s non-stop. Enjoy your much needed break!

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    • NGL, it is the worst. They need you so much, but all you want to do is slug on the couch. I’m glad your daughter is feeling better, but I wish your son was too!!! All the kiddos have to rebuild their immune systems after being out from COVID and whatnot. I hope it smooths out soon, though!


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