Hi, my darlings! I sincerely hope that you had a fantastic August. Overall, I’d say my family did. There were a few hiccups, but nothing terrible. Will seems (crossing my fingers and knocking on wood) to be sleeping a little better these days. My family never ended up coming up on their planned visit as they all caught COVID. (They’re all fine now!) Thankfully, we’re actually going to visit THEM in October, so that will be fun. Hopefully. I’ve never flown with a toddler before. That will be an adventure. Other than that, well, it’s September now! IT’S FINALLY ALMOST FALL. As I told my Twitter followers earlier today — it is officially Halloween first. I can get my decorations out now without my husband yelling at me. (He doesn’t like things too early!) When do you decorate? Do you like Halloween?

Those of you that review kid’s books/have kids: do you have any recommendations for flap books for Will? He LOVES them and will sit and read his books by himself for upwards of 10 minutes if they’re interesting enough! He loves really busy pictures — lots of things to look at!


I am 17 books ahead of where I need to be to complete the challenge on time.


I read THIRTEEN books in August, and only four of them were on my TBR. I’m just really not good at TBRs. I’m too much of a mood reader, I think.


✨ = ARC


I wrote one author spotlight, and one recommendation list this past month! I’m particularly proud of the Kingfisher one.


Keep an eye out for reviews of these in the coming months!


I did just one tag this month!


I love reading other book bloggers’ posts, so here’s a few highlights from the past month!

That’s all I got for you this month. How was your reading in August? I think I did pretty well this past month!

25 thoughts on “MONTHLY WRAP-UP: AUGUST 2022

  1. My daughter and I have started purchasing pumpkin decorations over the last few weeks, so those items have already been placed (both in our home and out in the garden). My husband couldn’t care less about those sorts of things – he probably doesn’t even notice the things we’ve set out. LOL! But, we usually go full Halloween decorating towards the end of the month/beginning of October. We usually do a big scene outside in our flower garden area. My daughter fully believes that pumpkins should be year round decorations, though. She started a pumpkin patch this year, and she’s looking forward to adding different varieties in the coming years. Fall is my favorite, though! Glad to hear your family is doing better!

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  2. Congrats on a great month! I also read 13 books, which is a lot for me. 😃 I’ll be reading Georgie All Along soon, as well. Hopefully we both enjoy it!

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  3. I decorate for Halloween on October 1st. It’s still really hot out where I live in September, so feels a little odd putting out decorations. But I start thinking about Halloween in September. It’s my favorite holiday, so it needs a lot of planning and attention. I totally get not sticking to your TBR. Sometimes the heart wants what it wants. I am really looking forward to reading Half a Soul. Hope you have a fantastic September!

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  4. Looks like you had a great month!! Haha- my husband does not like me to decorate early and never has. We had a son that is obsessed with Halloween… we will get them out soon! 🙂 Funny, how kids change things!! haha. I hope you have an amazing September! ❤

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  5. We flew with Merijn when he was 3,5 years old to an island of spain. The flight to was easy, he slept through it. The flight back he’d already slept in the car ride to the airport and he cried all the way through. So it can go either way haha.

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