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 what was the last book you read?

Beach Read by Emily Henry!

did this book meet your expectations?

Not really? I still really liked it, but it just didn’t live up to what I thought it was going to be. When you pick up a book called Beach Read, you’re expecting it to be something light-hearted and fun, and this one…wasn’t really that? Yes, it had fun moments, but most of the book was about grief.

will you recommend this book to others?

If you like Emily Henry’s other books, or any other contemporary romance books, yes, I think you’d like this one. With the caveat, that there is parental death and mentions of infidelity in it.

 what is your current read?

the book cover for Ashes of the Sun by Django Wexler

Ashes of the Sun by Django Wexler!

why did you pick this book?

Orbit was kind enough to send me physical and ARC copies of the first two books in this series so I could prepare for the last one to come out. I’m just now getting around to reading them! That, and I’ve heard really, really good things about this series!

how much time do you think you’ll take to finish your current read?

I’m guessing probably today, and at least one more day, if not more. This one’s a chonky boy and I’ve been distracted as of late.

what genre would you like to read next?

I think after I finish the Burningblade & Silvereye Series, I might bounce back to romance. Possibly a fantasy romance, or something similar!

what would you like to pick: a long read or a short read?

Copying Destiny’s answer and saying a medium read would be great. Short reads are frustrating for me, and after the length of my current series, I’ll be wanting something a little shorter!

mention some books you’re eyeing!


PS – Don’t forget my Sabriel Read-a-long starts next week!

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