Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl. The topic this week is BOOKS SET IN A PLACE I’D LOVE TO VISIT. So my problem with today’s topic is that most of the books I read aren’t set in peaceful times. Quite the opposite, sooo, there’s not that many that I’d actually want to visit. I picked through my books and these are the ones I’ve found with settings I actually want to go to.

VELARIS — Okay, who wouldn’t want to visit Velaris? It sounds like paradise on earth — an artist’s quarter, outdoor markets, restaurants with outdoor seating, an enormous library, a river running through the actual city…it all sounds perfect.

THE SHIRE — I maintain that if I had to pick a fictional fantasy place to live, it would 100% be The Shire as a hobbit. PROVIDED it is during peaceful times. It looks so pretty there.

CRESCENT CITY — Who wouldn’t want to visit Crescent City? Even with all the shenanigans that have happened there, it still sounds like it would be an awesome place to visit. So many different types of people, such different ways of living, it sounds awesome.

WILLOW CREEK RENAISSANCE FAIRE — I’ve been to a Ren Faire twice in my life and had a BLAST both times. I hope to go to our local one this year, but if I don’t get to, maybe I’ll just reread Well Met. EITHER WAY, I’d love to visit the Willow Creek Ren Faire. Maybe get a glimpse of Simon as a pirate…

CABESWATER — This is another one of those it sounds so pretty kind of places. Cabeswater sounds so fascinating in The Raven Cycle, but I definitely would just want to visit. For a tiny bit. Before things got creepy or scary or weird.

HOGWARTS / HOGSMEADE — C’mon, who, to this day, does not want to visit Hogwarts? I know Rowling is awful, and I am never giving her my money again, but Hogwarts will always have a small special part of my heart.

Where would you want to visit?


  1. The Shire would be amazing to visit in the fall. 😍 I would love to go to Willow Creek Renaissance Faire.


  2. Would going to New Zealand where they filmed all the Shire stuff count as visiting? They have the touristy setups and stuff, but the country itself is just fantastically gorgeous, plus has delicious chocolate (if you’re into that). Source: bff’s hubby from there & all the photos I’ve googled lol

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  3. Honestly, even in a setting that’s supposedly peaceful, the chances of me almost immediately dying are pretty high because that would just be my luck 😂 BUT I’d definitely love to visit Velaris and I defo wanna experience the Ren Faire! 😍 I think Cabeswater would result in immediate death for me though haha

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  4. I totally agree with Velaris, the Shire, and Hogwarts/Hogsmeade. I would go to any of those in a heartbeat. Althoughhhh I think I’d be slightly more interested in Rivendell or Lothlorien first, then Shire. (Yes, I may or may not be rewatching Fellowship right now.)

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