I grabbed this from Destiny! I thought it looked kinda fun, and well, I needed a tag to fill in some space today! Let’s see what answers I can come up with!

1. The last book I bought:

The last book I bought was Paradise Lost and Found by Jennifer Knightley. She’s a fanfic author in a fandom I was, once upon a time, hugely invested in — Captain America MCU, specifically, Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes. I believe this book is partially based on one of her fanfics, but please don’t quote me on that. Either way, I’m excited to read it!

2. The last book I borrowed:

The Rules of Arrangement book cover

The last book I borrowed (from the library) was Rules of Arrangement by Maren Mackenzie — I actually ended up having to buy this book, too, as the library’s copy was the wrong file format for my kindle. It ended up alright because I enjoyed this book!

3. The last book I was gifted:

The last book I was gifted was The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie. Someone I follow on Twitter frequently gives away whatever good fantasy books are on sale for Kindle, and I managed to grab this one before anyone else!

4. The last book I started:

the book cover for The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy by Megan Bannen

The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy by Megan Bannen — I am hopefully buddy-reading this with Becky!

5. The last book I finished:

the book cover for August Kitko and the Mechas from Space by Alex White

As of when I am filling out these answers, this title belongs to August Kitko and the Mechas from Space!

6. The last book I rated 5 stars:

the book cover for The Drowned Woods by Emily Lloyd-Jones

This honor belongs to The Drowned Woods by Emily Lloyd-Jones. I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed this book, and can’t wait for others to read it!

7. The last book I DNF’d:

the book cover for Just Like Magic by Sarah Hogle

I don’t DNF all that often, because I usually read books I know I’m going to enjoy. So I haven’t DNFed a book since March, and that was Just Like Magic by Sarah Hogle. It was just too ridiculous for me.

8. The last book I listened to:

I…actually don’t know. I don’t usually listen to audio books, and really only catch them when my husband is listening out loud while driving or doing stuff in the kitchen.


As always, if you’ve already done this, or just plain don’t feel like doing it, no pressure at all. And if you want to, but you aren’t tagged, go ahead and steal!


15 thoughts on “THE LAST BOOK I… BOOK TAG”

  1. I had never heard of Jennifer Knightley before but I love that a fanfic author got a book. Such a cool fact! I really love the covers for Rules of Arrangement & The Drowned Woods (I will have to check this one out)! Thank you so much for the tag! ❣️ p.s. love the new design!

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    1. I LOVE it when published authors come out saying they started with fanfic. I LOVE that — it makes them seem all the more approachable, honestly. I cannot recommend The Drowned Woods enough — it’s a heist plus a fairy tale!!

      I’m so glad you like the design! Thank you!!

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  2. ahhhh the covers for the drowned woods and the raven tower LOOK GORGEOUS!!! i’m so glad you enjoyed the drowned woods so much, CANNOT WAIT TO GET TO IT!!! loved reading all your answers!!

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