This is my first time writing one of these, so forgive me if it’s overly wordy, or perhaps too short! May was rough for a lot of reasons — the entire house got sick, our son suddenly stopped sleeping through the night there for a bit, and we were all extremely tired and grumpy.

Baby boy turned 1 on the 5th, so now we have a one year old (!!!) — maybe that explains the sleep regression? Then, my birthday happened on the 10th, but there wasn’t much of a celebration, because it was a Tuesday, and we have a baby. I’m not complaining at all! I still had a good day, and I adore the present my husband made me — teeny tiny little paper versions of all the books I’ve read so far this year! I can’t wait to get a little glass jar for them so I can see them all better!

And then the shootings happened. We live in Buffalo. I’ve been in that grocery store. That shooting was extremely hard to handle. But every time I hear about Uvalde, I burst into tears. How are we supposed to send our son to school in four years, and trust that he’s going to come back home every night? How has this country done absolutely nothing to prevent mass shootings? How do they continue to do nothing knowing babies are getting shot? How do they sleep at night? My mental health has been in the toilet since Uvalde, and I don’t know what to do about it. Nothing I can do will change anything.

Ugh. On that rather depressing note, onto the wrap-up part of things…


I read NINE books in May, and I have to say, I enjoyed most of them! There were a few clunkers, but not everything can be great, right?


✨ = ARC


I tried out a new post type in May — the Author Spotlight — and it seems like you guys liked it! Let me know if you have suggestions for other authors you’d like to see!


I love doing these things, so if you’re ever in need of someone to tag, go ahead and tag me! Especially if they have anything to do with fantasy or romance books. I’d love to do those!


I love reading other book bloggers’ posts, so here’s a few highlights from the past month!

So how’d I do? Was this an okay wrap-up for May?

28 thoughts on “MONTHLY WRAP-UP: MAY 2022”

  1. Great wrap, I’m so sorry to hear that May hasn’t been great for you. And totally agree with how you are feeling about the awful events this month. I hope things start to look up a bit for you in June??

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  2. Those are some great books you read this month! I’ve been wanting to read The Atlax Six for the longest time now😁
    What happened in Buffalo and Uvalde is cruel, unfair and utterly heartbreaking. I understand how it must have affected your mental health. I hope you feel better soon. Looking forward to a better June.
    And…That was a great wrap🤍

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  3. You have a full May too with bdays! Sorry, about the sickness and exhaustion! Gosh, my kid didn’t sleep through the night until he was 1.5? Maybe longer. He hates sleep & still does. He’ll regret that when he’s older. Haha.

    Ughhh… Uvalde 💔 I used to live in the next town over. So, this hit really close to my heart and I’m struggling. I’m terrified to send Oliver to pre-k this fall.

    Onto the books… great month!! I hope your June is lovely and you get tons of sleep! 😊💜

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    1. Oh yeah, he’ll seriously regret that once he’s older! My kid rather enjoys his sleep, thankfully.

      I can’t even imagine how that community must be feeling right now. I just can’t.

      ❤ I hope your June is lovely, too!

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  4. I absolutely LOVE all of the graphics on your website! They’re after my own heart, a fellow frog, nature, & fairy lover. They make me so happy when I visit your site. ^_^

    Also sorry to hear the past few weeks have been rough for you. I hope you feel better soon. ❤


    1. Aw thank you so much! I went through a period of really not liking my blog aesthetic, but I really, really love it now. It just feels homey, finally!


      1. Do you mind if I ask if you created the graphics? Because they’re awesome. I like the simpleness of my blog layout (I mean, it’s a nice free WP one ha), but I’d love to do a blog revamp and add a little pizazz, y’know? The problem is finding time….

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      2. I don’t mind at all!! I made all my graphics in Canva — the little faerie bits were free with a membership, I believe! I highly recommend a pro account though, you can do so much with it!

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      3. You know, I keep seeing Canva pop up within the book blogging community. It looks like I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the rec! Again, your graphics are stunning…can’t say that enough. 🙂

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  5. It was a rough month for many reasons, but happy belated birthday to your sweet baby. I also have kids, ages 7 and 10 and I worry about them constantly, lol. As parents, I don’t think we’ll ever stop worrying, but just gotta do the best we can and cherish all the moments. Even the late night cryings 😉 Hope June will be better for all of us!

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  6. ahhhh all the books you read this month sound so amazing and i am glad you enjoyed most of them!! I HAVE BEEN DYING TO READ THE ATLAS SIX SINCE LITERALLY FOREVER!! what did you think of it??

    all that happened in Buffalo and Uvalde – i agree so much with you, its cruel and heartbreaking. i really really hope you feel better soon!



  7. A lot of people have loved the atlas six and it is hyped so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it!! Happy belated birthday for you and your son, hope you have a wonderful month ahead💛💛

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