Rating: 4 out of 5.

Well, that was a goddamn delight. I blasted through this in a matter of hours, because I desperately needed something I didn’t have to think about too much. Well Matched absolutely delivered. It was so much fun, without being overly cheesy or ridiculous.

This entry into the Well Met universe is about Emily’s sister, April, and the kilt-wearing hottie, Mitch. It starts out with some fake-dating to appease family members, and ends up with a hot friends-with-benefits situation that totally devolves into actual love. C’mon, I’m not about romance novels without HEAs. Of course this one ends happily, of course they end up together.

And MITCH AND APRIL ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER. Mitch is totally head over heels for her and she has no idea until close to the end of the novel. She’s blind, obviously, because his feelings for her so totally blatant you could see them from outer space. In a good way. At first sight, Mitch is a bit of a himbo, but once more is revealed about him through the story, it’s clear he’s much, much more than that. He’s an intelligent man who absolutely cares about his students, and the people in his town. I loved him so much. Best part of the book.

April, on the other hand, I wanted to shake silly. GIRL, YOU WANT TO STAY. YOU WANT MITCH. JUST GIVE IN. But that’s par for the course for me and contemporary romance heroines.

If you’re looking for something fun, and easy to read, I absolutely recommend the Well Met Series!


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