Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Originally posted on Goodreads July 30, 2020.

If you like Sanderson’s fantasy novels, you’ll like Warbreaker. If you’ve NEVER EVER read Sanderson before, I’m going to stop you and direct you towards the Mistborn series. That’s a perfect place to start with him, and a great setup for how he builds his worlds. Warbreaker, while good, is not the place to start. My reasoning here is, there’s only one novel so far. He plans for more, but so far we haven’t gotten any. Mistborn, on the other hand, will show you just how amazing Sanderson is at finishing up a story.


Warbreaker is good, really good. HOWEVER, it is not as cohesive feeling as Sanderson’s other works. While the magic system in this book is just as unique as Allomancy and his other magics in his other books, this one feels much less sturdy. It’s very vague throughout the whole book — there’s no real explanation as to how the magic works, how it came to be, etc. There’s only a very tiny mention towards the end of the book, because one character explains to another, but you’re still left wanting a helluva lot more.

The plot is twisty-turny with gods and inheritance and immortality, and once you finally get to the twist you’ll want to smack yourself in the head. You don’t expect it at all, and it’s done WONDERFULLY.

The characters are, again, amazing. Every single one has their own reasoning behind their motivations. They’re all fleshed out nicely, and really, you spend the whole book wanting to know them even more. Especially Vasher. Whoof.

I can’t wait for the next book!


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